Headaches by Rabitrup

Rabitrup - Headaches

You walk through enormous doors into a grand chamber, dimly lit by floating fluorescent orbs. You see a silhouetted figure at the opposite end of the hall. The orbs explode with light, and the figure is shown to be a man wearing a jester’s outfit. The man laughs loudly, and walks slowly towards you. He stops and presses a button with his foot, and you fall into an opening in the floor under you. It’s dark, and you hear roaring machinery around you . . .

Inspiration can be found pretty much anywhere, especially if you possess a collagist mentality and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, or rather filthy in the case of this artist. Headaches is the newest release from Seattle-based producer Danny Tatom, under his Rabitrup guise. Tatom crafts musical onslaughts of dense electronic instrumentation and rapid sampling that consume the listener with captivating intensity.

After an acoustic intro of comedic self-degradation, the music takes off with relentless ferocity. This is a good thing, because every inch of these compositions is covered with compellingly intricate rhythms and seamless, blindingly fast transitions. There are distinct elements of breakcore, dubstep, grindcore, metal, and noise, and Tatom weaves all of them together in concoctions of colossal production and choice samples of chaos.

“Punishing” is a word I might use for description if I had yet to develop a fondness for discordant music, but this record is vastly different from the unyielding cacophony created by other artists in a similarly “noisy” vein. Each of these songs is enthralling, but the animalistic lurch of “Heaven’s Gate” may embody the producer’s artful brutality best of all. If you’re seeking ferocious, intricately composed electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Headaches by Rabitrup

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