Cory Arcane by Kangding Ray

Kangding Ray - Cory Arcane

You walk on a narrow path submerged in water up to your ankles. The water on both sides of the subaqueous bridge is seemingly bottomless and black as a moonless night. Liquid drips from the cavern ceiling above you, piercing the silence with emphatic PLOPS! Did that most recent one carried a heavy roar with it? As you quicken your pace along the path, the surface of the water begins to vibrate with thundering bass. You start to run, deep into the cavern . . .

Concept albums come in all shapes and species; some contain narratives that are immediately apparent, and others unfold with a bit more ambiguity, opting to show the listener through instrumental embodiments of vivid experiences and thoughts rather than simply tell through clear-cut lyrics. Cory Arcane is the newest full-length from French-born, Berlin-based producer David Letellier under his Kangding Ray moniker.

The tracks are woven around a fictional character and her existence on the outskirts of several giant metropolises. She contemplates the collapse of life and also embraces its chaos, while consumed in the mixtures of sounds from her headphones and sounds emanating from the cities, resulting in a record filled with nocturnally lush, rhythmically intricate techno that’s as grooving and mechanistic as it is contemplative and organic.

Confession: I was ignorant and complete unaware of the record’s underlying plot during my initial listening, and the lack of context did nothing to hinder the pristine experience of diving into this uniquely entrancing dimension. Filling in the spaces with the conceived imagery only serves as an extra component to heighten the already-captivating journey. If you’re seeking shadowy, progressive techno, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Cory Arcane by Kangding Ray

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