Night Of Visions by Ancestral Voices

Ancestral Voices - Night Of Visions

You dive behind a pile of debris to avoid a surveillance drone passing overhead. You peak out to confirm that it’s departed from the immediate area, and you continue across the vast, desolate wasteland. You arrive at the gaping mouth of a valley, and duck behind a boulder when you spot a fire surrounded by tents at its sunken center. You approach, and as the light in the sky descends below the horizon, the valley and its mysterious tribe come to life . . .

Extremes exist in music creation; artists either a) dedicate themselves to tirelessly refining their skill in one style, or b) allow their personal concoction of expertise and imagination the freedom to explore unknown worlds. We can thank the latter category for this one. Night Of Visions is the newest full-length from UK producer Liam Blackburn, formerly known as Indigo, and now reemerged with a new sound as Ancestral Voices.

Having previously flirted with drum & bass, IDM, ambient, and techno, Blackburn calls upon elements of all his past loves to craft these monolithic soundscapes. There are also components of dubstep and house within the tribalistic rhythms, but the real focus is the enveloping atmosphere that the producer builds around the listener. The journey is darkly beautiful, patiently-evolving, and illustrated with masterful sound design.

It’s admirable for Blackburn to place the largest test of will at the very beginning of the record, in the form of the nearly 10 minute-long title track. It’s gorgeously sweeping in its sonic detail, stuffed with field samples, ambience, droning synths, and devoid of any mass appeal (in the best way). If you can make it through the entrance gates, a palace awaits. If you’re seeking tribalistic, experimental electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Night Of Visions by Ancestral Voices

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