100 Ladies by Zora Jones

Zora Jones - 100 Ladies

You float within a realm of amorphous, fluorescent beings. They divide themselves and conjoin with neighboring bodies, creating a constantly shifting mass of light and movement. You look down at your hands, and they too are translucent. You imagine their separation from your wrists; they throb, and shoot off into the undulating ecosystem. You begin to relax and allow yourself to be absorbed into it all. The waves of sounds and voices follow . . .

As with any artist in some form or another, musicians must pay their dues. Dedication of time and effort to refining one’s craft is crucial, and the footwork scene might preach that more outwardly than anyone. 100 Ladies is the debut release from Zora Jones, a Barcelona-based, Austrian-born producer. The record’s title is a reference to a personal pact that she made: to create 100 tracks before releasing anything to the public.

Jones mixes distinct flavors of footwork and grime in her music, but these songs wouldn’t fall into either of those categories. These bright, bubbly compositions possess a fluid malleability and a meticulous attention to melodic detail that’s rare in the above-mentioned genres. The chosen instrumental palettes are also otherworldly and unique, consisting primarily of glistening rhythms and contorted, bird-like vocal harmonies.

The producer cites 2010 as year zero; it was the first time she witnessed a performance by the late DJ Rashad, footwork pioneer and Teklife founder. He gave her a batch of his tracks (produced with his Ghettoteknitianz crew), and the rest is history. Music is most powerful when it’s shared communally, as it results in the birth of evolutions such as this. If you’re seeking otherworldly, grime-tinged footwork, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

100 Ladies by Zora Jones

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