Gode by André Bratten

André Bratten - Gode

You walk the dusty road between tall, towering crops within a vast field. The grey clouds that hang heavy above you signify rain. Just as the thought passes, a droplet splashes onto your forehead. The sky opens its gaping mouth and pours upon all. The greenery surrounding you begins to grow at a startling pace. It ascends and weaves together to form a canopy over your head. You continue walking the now-muddy path, and listen to the sounds that drip down . . .

In essence, music is but a vessel. It’s a vehicle in which to place an idea or story for the purpose of communication to those that will listen and, hopefully, understand. Gode is the newest full-length from André Bratten, a producer from Oslo. Bratten shaped this record as a tribute to the rural working class of his home country in the early 20th century. It’s a history lesson and a gorgeously produced album rolled into one.

Bratten is nothing if not versatile in his sound design. The seasoned producer utilizes a mixture of glistening string arrangements, contorted piano, and layers of field recordings, all recorded through tape machines and adorned with subtly propulsive rhythms, to create these lush compositions. Genres are difficult to pin down in this case, but there are included flavors of post-rock, techno, trip-hop, and beautiful ambience.

The title literally translates to a tool used to prod cattle, but it’s also come to mean “a right or privilege,” and served as a spiritual symbol of the indentured labor performed by the above-mentioned social class. Hardship was ceaseless for them, and only the privileged could afford to create art. This record is Bratten’s hymn to those people, a voiceless generation. If you’re seeking potent, lush electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Gode by André Bratten

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