Balloon by Ruby My Dear

Balloon - Ruby My Dear

Year: 33XX. Your consciousness is implanted in a nano-fly, minuscule and imperceptible to the naked vision. You are released into a fog of your brood, and add to the swarm’s cacophony. Their rapid, seemingly random movements engulf everything, yet your meticulously honed senses allow you to make some sense of it all. As your “eyes” adjust further, your “ears” absorb the intricacies within the noise, and a tuneful voice rises from below . . .

Breakcore is known for its barraging beats and breakneck transitions at blistering speeds, making it one of the more daunting electronic genres to approach. A select few artists are contorting the style’s sonic palette, though, and subsequently ushering in a new breed of enthusiasm. Balloon is the newest release from Toulouse native Julien Chastagnol as Ruby My Dear, a producer at the helm of the genre’s innovation.

Within four tracks clocking in at 20 minutes, Chastagnol paints a mural of breakcore’s possibilities. The traditional, blindingly fast digital drums are present, although they carry none of the genre’s frequent harshness, but rather a graceful delicacy that makes each track sound like a symphony. Glowing melodies and vocal samples ride the intricate rhythms, adding deep layers of color that give the songs a rare emotive quality.

Chastagnol has an eye for dynamics and makes use of every inch across the spectrum, from soft passages of quiet loveliness to all-out bombast. It’s a beautiful listening experience, and each subsequent listening reveals new, entirely captivating discoveries. For anyone wishing to delve into the world of breakcore, there isn’t a better place to begin than Balloon. If you’re seeking dynamic, melodic breakcore, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Balloon by Ruby My Dear

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