Kila by Herva

Herva - Kila

You peer through jagged eye holes. A mask is firmly attached to your face, and doesn’t budge when you vigorously attempt to remove it. You stand up and stumble through a shadowy corridor, emerging into a chamber canvassed with machinery from floor to ceiling. The contraptions begin to whirr with life. The mask floats off of your face and flies around the room, dismantling and reconstructing the machines, as they emanate pulsing sound . . .

Does anybody care about genres anymore? The umbrella classifications have taken a backseat to the boundless imaginations and unbridled talents of those that refuse to be constrained by them. Technology has brought everything within reach, so the creator’s mind and unique persona are the only limits. Kila is the newest full-length from Hervè Atsè Corti, AKA Herva, a producer that defies traditional categorizations with his music.

Corti’s seclusion in the Italian countryside near Florence, along with his extramusical interests including electronics and engineering, are advantages for the artist because they allow him to approach production without overarching influences. These songs vaguely resemble the likes of house, drum & bass, techno, disco, and hip-hop, but their colors are smeared, chopped, and contorted into entirely original contraptions.

‘Kila’ is the Swahili word for ‘everything’, a term that perfectly encompasses this entrancing listening experience. It’s a journey through the mind of an artist holding a desire to craft the sounds of the future with the mechanisms of the past. “You hear my music, you get to see how my brain works” he says, and what a compelling process that is. If you’re seeking experimentally-tinged house/techno, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Kila by Herva

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