Commontime by Field Music

Field Music - Commontime

With a tinge of pep in your step, you stride along a garden path and through the open door of a modest two-story house. The living room is spacious and empty, the same as every room on the first floor. Your feet carry you up the stairs. You hear a rhythm now, audible this time. You open the first door on the right, revealing a man playing the drums and staring at you. Another door reveals two individuals on bass and guitar. One more contains two singers . . .

‘Pop’ and ‘experimentation’ are inherently counterweights; the former encompasses the accepted sounds of the masses, while the latter delves into the unknown, in search of new musical elements. However, there exist artists so adept in contorting their fresh discoveries, that they emerge from the laboratory in readily consumable form. Commontime is the newest full-length from Sunderland-based band Field Music.

For over a decade, brothers Peter and David Brewis (complimented by a revolving cast of supporting musicians) have reveled in elegantly-composed pop know-how, crafting songs that radiate in their subtle intricacies just as much as in their irresistible, harmony-laden hooks. Jazzy, funky, and adorned with multitudes of diverse instrumentation, these 14 compositions are captivating in conception and performance.

As can be expected from siblings late in their conjoined careers, the Brewis brothers possess a rare creative chemistry, and this record serves as a collection of conversations; between the individual band members, various loved ones, and also their fans. Like younger brothers of the legendary XTC, Field Music are masterful in the art of charismatic pop. If you’re seeking funky, jazzy, erudite pop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Commontime by Field Music

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