Pathways by Ed:it

Ed:it - Pathways

You step into a translucent orb, dimly lit by aqueous hues of blue. You exhale, watch the visible air leave your body, and slowly look around at the impenetrable blackness residing on the other side of the orb’s glass. A droplet of liquid spatters onto your forehead. You step back, and watch the steady drip fall onto the floor. After ten droplets descend, the orb roars to life and the darkness is replaced by flashing, colored lights. The orb is moving, and fast . . .

You can’t go wrong with drum & bass. The rapid-fire rhythms are intoxicating and, depending on the producer’s chosen palettes, the elements surrounding those rhythms can be just as compelling in a melodic sense. Standing out from the hoard of d&b creators is something entirely different, and requires an elegant balancing act. Pathways is the newest release from Nottingham-based producer Ed Warrener, AKA Ed:it.

Warrener utilizes a highly refined formula in his drum & bass creations; foundations of agile, hard-hitting drum beats are accentuated with subtle percussion, otherworldly samples, and tender-hearted synth melodies, all combining to form compositions that are gorgeous and intense in equal amounts. There’s a finesse in the progressions and transitions that make these four songs more captivating than many full-length records.

Drum & bass producers often have a penchant for either making their tracks as soft and unimposing, or as pummeling as humanly possible; but this isn’t so for Warrener, who dresses his instrumentals in twinkling accoutrements, while bringing them to life with roaring bass and collaborations with Linguistics and Pennygiles. Pathways is soulful, and it’s also fierce. If you’re seeking melodic, hard-hitting drum & bass, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Pathways by Ed:it

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