Loop The Loop by Bullion

Bullion - Loop The Loop

You thrust your head upwards through the water’s surface with a *splash*, emerging into a blanket of sunlight. After wiping the liquid from your eyes, you look out at the river’s two shores, both canvassed with people in the act of celebration; families, elders, noble and poor alike, laughing joyously and frolicking together in the shallow water. It is the Festival of All, and so all are welcome, removed of titles. Music pours in from both sides, mixing together . . .

Blessed be the music that defies rigid categorization, the type that overflows with joyous qualities to the point where any descriptor falls flat on its face. Integral are the artists that continue to experiment after reveling in specific styles, the ones that refuse to construct barriers around their creations. Loop The Loop is the newest full-length from West Londoner Nathan Jenkins as Bullion, a producer of this distinguished merit.

Across thirteen flawlessly paced tracks, the producer/singer brings new meaning to the term ‘colorful.’ Glimmering guitar, squiggly synths, piano, sax, violin, and various mixtures of live percussion and bubbly electronics form the instrumentals, while Jenkins’ sun-drenched vocal harmonies guide the songs through loads of diverse structures. It’s both freshly innovative and pop-minded, captivating and relaxing, and it’s a ton of fun.

Loop The Loop is a firm testament to Jenkins’ vivid imagination, and his mastery in illustrating those imaginings without sacrificing anything in transition from conception to completion. These are the sounds of an artistic voice that’s spent a great deal of time exploring possibilities, one that’s refined every element discovered during those explorations. If you’re seeking fun, diverse, electronic pop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Loop The Loop by Bullion

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