Basslines For Life by Buz Ludzha

Buz Ludzha - Basslines For Life

You step into a small, dark enclosure and sit upon a chair bolted to the ground. The door behind you slams shut and is accompanied by a distinct locking sound, plunging you into blackness. It’s a long while before a solitary light above flickers on and steadily illuminates your surroundings. Canvassing the ceiling and walls on every side are stacks of speakers, caked with dust. A thumping beat shakes the chamber, accompanied by a bassline . . .

I enjoy house music as much as the next guy, but it can be difficult to find fresh innovations within the genre. Now more than ever it seems like many emerging producers simply subscribe to established styles in order to ride the coattails of their success, so it’s invigorating to stumble upon a twist to the genre. Basslines For Life is the newest release from Irish producer Andrew Morrison, AKA Buz Ludzha.

Morrison’s take on house music, which he calls “tape throb,” is a concoction of the most compelling elements of the genre — stimulating rhythms, warm synth melodies, soulful samples, and irresistible basslines (of course) — processed through filters until those components sound as if they’re red-lining with fuzz and distortion. The effect is remarkably charming, and it only enhances these four already-captivating songs.

The producer’s greatest advantage is his masterful ability to make so much out of so very little. He allows his best songwriting aspects, of which there are numerous, to linger in the sonic haze and rarely peak out. His control over the atmosphere in his compositions is most impressive, and it’s what truly sets his music far apart from contemporaries. If you’re seeking hazy, bass-driven house, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Basslines For Life by Buz Ludzha

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