Luneworks by MMOTHS

MMOTHS - Luneworks

Your eyelids slowly shut, and everything is pitch black. The darkness is gradually filled with twinkling blue lights that steadily brighten, filling your vision with a field of cerulean fireflies across a black body of water. A voice, or what appears to be a voice fills your ears, along with the fluttering of thousands upon thousands of minuscule wings. You open your eyes and gaze upon the dark sky above, hanging over a vast, gentle ocean that rocks you back and forth . . .

Although seemingly disparate in style, shoegaze and ambient music go hand in hand. Both genres deal in washed out instrumentals that ache of raw emotion, often invoking the most potent of moods. They are canvassed with indiscernibly beautiful tones that swirl together like fever dreams, enticing listeners while perplexing them at the same time. Luneworks is the newest full-length from Irish producer Jack Colleran as MMOTHS.

Rather than a collection of separate songs, this record is a seamless journey through an ethereal dimension. The instrumentals consist of otherworldly electronics, IDM-tinged rhythms, and melancholic piano, topped with Colleran’s tender falsetto and distorted with a multitude of atmospheric effects. While some tracks drift within soft, gorgeous ambience, others contain irresistible grooves and evolve into heartrending giants.

Above all, Luneworks is the type of release that redefines songwriting itself. Instead of presenting listeners with distinct, clear-cut compositions that tell them how to feel, Colleran has concocted a mystifying environment that can be experienced differently depending on the particular individual experiencing it. It’s an elegant, bewildering dream. If you’re seeking ethereal, shoegazey electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Luneworks by MMOTHS

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