EP by Must Go Faster

Must Go Faster - EP

Dried sweat clings to your face as the surrounding crowd settles down, resting after the opening act has left the smoke-filled, beer-soaked room. Patrons head towards the bar to grab drink refills, but most inch forward to obtain that sought-after spot against the front of the stage. You’ve heard legends about this band’s energy, but have yet to experience their live performance. You stretch to prepare for the imminent movement, and the room goes dark . . .

Somewhere along the way, pop-punk artists lost their ability to communicate angst in a way that emphasizes instrumental quality to a similar degree as what’s contained in the lyrics. The words aren’t as sharp either, containing topical cliches without a trace of that sweet tongue-in-cheek charm we all know and love. However, this group is an outlier in these senses. EP is the newest release from Los Angeles-based band Must Go Faster.

Across four brief tracks, this foursome (two guitarists, a bassist, and one supremely talented drummer/lead singer) remind listeners how fun, and how clever pop-punk music can be when all the elements work together in tandem. These songs overflow with shout-along choruses, humorous turns of phrase, and lead melodies that embed themselves so deep into the listener’s mind they’ll be humming them for weeks.

Despite what many naysayers claim, this genre is far from dead, and we can thank groups like these for sticking to their guns and reinvigorating the style. The beauty of youth is the lifeblood of this music, and it’s when artists match that universal spirit with compelling musicianship and stellar songwriting that magic is created. Turn it up and lose yourself. If you’re seeking melodic, tongue-in-cheek pop-punk, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

EP by Must Go Faster

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