Mavericks by Sami Baha

Sami Baha - Mavericks

You slide into the backseat of a black cadillac, smoke billowing out of the rolled-down windows. Hooded individuals sit in the front seats, bobbing their heads to the sounds that pulse out of the speakers. The engine roars to life, and the car takes off down the street. Suddenly, all movement surrounding you slows to a molasses crawl, and every color is draped in a purple hue. The music slows, and your head begins to sway back and forth . . . 

Hip-hop always flourishes in moments of refined subtlety, as each tone is granted its own space to make the most significant impact possible. Sparse compositions leave ample room for a vocalist to revel in, but what if no vocalist is present to fill the void? Mavericks is the newest release from Turkish producer Sami Baha, an artist that needs no vocal presence to craft the most hype-inducing tracks to drop this year.

Having recently moved to London and absorbing the UK bass scenes, Baha is exposed to and well-versed in the art of the low end. These six songs sound gigantic, stuffed to the brim with ground-shaking 808s, skittery trap rhythms, and whimsical synth melodies, all encased in cavernous, bass-heavy atmospheres that swallow the listener whole. Not a note is wasted here, and every second of the fourteen brief minutes is captivating.

These are the kinds of instrumentals that you typically find hidden behind boisterous emcees like Future, Drake, or Young Thug, and the spotlight is usually cast upon their antics. However, when voices are removed from the music, real melodic beauty can be found betwixt the monstrous, club-ready beats, and these sounds take on a whole new meaning. If you’re seeking melodic, bass-heavy hip-hop/trap, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Mavericks by Sami Baha

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