Pussy’s Dead by Autolux

Autolux - Pussy's Dead

Massive hangar doors slowly rise in front of you, releasing a humid gust that blows your hair back. Inside of the large opening are three black-clothed individuals slumped over their instruments, like deactivated robots. A hooded fourth figure pulls a giant lever behind them before disappearing into the vast darkness of the hangar, and machinery adorning the walls of the enclosure whirrs to life. The three musicians steadily stand erect, and begin to play . . .

“Beauty can be found in madness,” as they say. Elements that seem like they would clash with cacophonous results occasionally surprise and delight, especially when those elements are in the hands of innovative, highly talented individuals that have spent copious amounts of time honing their crafts in many different environments, just like these guys. Pussy’s Dead is the newest full-length from eclectic American band Autolux.

The versatile trio consists of bassist Eugene Goreshter, guitarist/keyboardist Greg Edwards (also known for his cult rock band Failure), and drummer Carla Azar, who plays for Jack White’s all-female solo group The Peacocks. They all sing, and they’re joined and produced by Beyoncé/Run The Jewels collaborator Boots. The result is a delightfully mystifying collection of dreamy psychedelic garage rock/electronic IDM song hybrids.

The level of songwriting prowess contained in these tracks is of a caliber never before heard from this group, and their unique ability to weave disparate influences into something cohesive, disorienting, and compelling is masterful. Autolux have always infused fresh ideas into their releases, but Pussy’s Dead is their clear career apex thus far. If you’re seeking psychedelic, IDM-tinged garage rock, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Pussy’s Dead by Autolux

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