The Follower by The Field

The Field - The Follower

All is utter darkness, yet your ears are engulfed in mechanistic sounds. The sounds are foreign, almost frightening initially, but they adopt a certain charm with the passing of time. The pulsating tones and rhythms are all that you have in the impenetrable blackness, and you learn to love their presence. They contort in minuscule ways, and your ears grow accustom to the small changes in their character. You start to feel like a family, just the loops and you . . .

Life is built from loops, patterns recurring with subtle alterations to keep people mesmerized by repetition. We grow fond of what we know well, and therein lies the secret to the allure of loops in music. Loops have the opportunity to sink deep into a listener’s mind, and the perfect collection of loops could entrance a listener forever. The Follower is the newest full-length from Swedish producer Axel Willner as The Field.

Willner has made his name by hypnotizing listeners with ethereally expansive techno/ambient concoctions. He is a master with subtlety, wringing every drop of feeling from each loop in his arsenal by gradually warping and adding slight accentuations to them. These are dreamy compositions, consisting of warm synth melodies, omnipresent basslines, and pulsing rhythms showered in sublime samples and misty auras.

Like all of Willner’s releases, The Follower is a record to lose yourself in, and it stands as a highlight within a stellar catalogue. These are some of the most flawlessly paced, patient, and melodically rewarding songs to be birthed by this artist, and that’s saying a whole lot when we’re talking about someone like The Field. Loops make the world go ’round. If you’re seeking hypnotic, loop-based techno/ambient, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

The Follower by The Field

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